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History of Forever Girls Incorporated?

Updated: Jun 13

The consensus of a multiethnic group of women who are committed to bringing new life to an abandoned area Those who grew up in that area have nothing but fond memories of the abundance it brought. The joy of meeting new people and picking up tips from neighbors was discussed. The founders of Forever Girls Inc. hoped to provide a safe space where young women could feel free to discuss their concerns with caring adults and receive open and frank responses.

Forever Girls Inc. (FGI) aims to give young women a place to feel comfortable speaking their minds and learning new skills. The program, which began in 2013, aimed to meet the needs of young women in terms of access to resources while providing tutoring and assignment help to elementary school students. Throughout each session, the mentees learned the value of keeping a notebook as a confidential outlet. Students were able to visualize what it means to work together toward a common goal through the program's many teambuilding activities.

BBQs, potlucks, and monthly brunches are all examples of social gatherings. The workshops covered a wide range of issues, from building confidence and combating bullying to debating potential political candidates and learning to see things through a child's eyes to making and sharing snacks and planning community service events. Family and friends were invited to Forever Girls Inc.'s monthly brunches on the first Saturday of the month. Each month's theme would have been based on the holidays or conferences occurring that month. The event gave the young women a chance to show off their artistic skills, and they discussed how they hoped to help others by changing their outlooks on life's difficulties.

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